Eric on The Derivative Podcast - April 2020

Eric, CIO of Standpoint, joins Jeff Malec on The Derivative podcast. In the long introduction, Eric shares a little about his childhood and his college days before entering the finance industry. Later in the podcast, Eric and Jeff discuss building trading strategies and how designing an anti-fragile system is of paramount importance.

Key Takeways

  • Eric compares using diversifying assets such as commodities and currencies to a chalky vitamin – they’re good for you, but not always easy to swallow. Standpoint’s approach allows investors to get what’s good for them, but in a way that’s ‘digestible,’ i.e. the Gummy Vitamin.
  • Investment approaches with global macro themes have been around for decades and over the past 20 years, investment managers have been able to systematize those approaches.
  • Eric believes that understanding why your system is deserving of a sustainable profitable return should be the most important principal of any investment strategy.
    • Give them that gummy bear vitamin so we can all win.

      - Eric Crittenden, Standpoint

    • Participate in an open-interest weighted basis, take every trade, control your risk, wash, rinse, repeat, don't ever break discipline.

      - Eric Crittenden, Standpoint

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