Easy Ways to Explain All-Weather Investing

The quotes below are common ways advisors and investors describe all-weather investing.

"It’s less risky than stocks and has higher returns than bonds.

Check out how an all-weather approach has performed over the past 20 years.

"I want something that can perform if we see extended inflation."

How has Standpoint's all-weather approach performed so far.

"My conservative clients want to participate in equities, so I use this all-weather strategy to give them that exposure in a lower volatility way."

See how an all-weather approach can produce stable returns.

"I want to protect against a lost decade."

Standpoint's approach is designed to mitigate the risk of significant and prolonged portfolio declines.

"It includes different tools that aren’t typically in the toolbox."

Check out the components of an all-weather strategy.

"It's an efficient way to diversify using commodities and currencies."

An all-weather approach uses commodities and currencies in addition to stocks and bonds.

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